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Medical and Dental School Help We have designed this website to help you become a health professional. The following is a list of resources offered on the site:

  • Advice on completing medical and dental applications, secondaries, and  residency applications successfully.

  • Frequently asked questions during medical and dental school interviews.

  • Updated information on summer research programs and extracurricular activities.

  • Listings of the most helpful MCAT and DAT books.

  • Information on accelerated medical and dental programs.

  • Hints on applying to US medical residency programs if you are a foreign or osteopathic medical student.

  • The most requested PDA programs.

  • Important professional events to remember.

  • Forums to discuss all matters related to the medical and dental admissions process.

  • Free tutorials/flashcards for organic chemistry, biology and more!


We have organized a collective health professional site to save you time and make you successful.  As a last resort you can also use our keyword search feature available at the top right hand corner to find information.

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Becoming a doctor is a dream for many students. Today, not only does it allow students to serve society, it provides a camaraderie amongst some of the most intelligent minds. With overall job growth declining and with the baby boom population nearing retirement, health professional careers are flourishing.

Health care costs have increased which has changed the insurance landscape. Employers are expecting employees to fund some of their own health care costs or are providing limited care with HMO insurance. In addition, health care reform will remain a major political issue.  To provide better care, doctors must become more actively involved in lobbying to insurance companies and the government.

Becoming a doctor requires the ability to stay abreast of changes in health care. Patients are becoming more actively involved in their health care than ever before. With the advent of the internet, many patients have a differential diagnosis before they meet their doctor! In addition, the Hispanic population is increasing more than any other population in the United States requiring a need for Spanish speaking health professionals. The increasing diversity in the population will require doctors to be culturally sensitive in their interaction with patients. These changes require the students to have one website, such as Medical Help Network, to find updated information about the medical field in addition to resource materials for becoming a health professional.


This website healthcare administration degree offers valuable insight into navigating the journey from high school to college through graduate school and into post-graduate studies.

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